Instructions (Help)


All of the following documents must be attached in order to become an Official Private Org:

  1. Constitution
  2. Three Insurance Documents
  3. Annual Financial Statement
  4. Copies of Meeting Minutes

Submit the Request

Important Notice

Please make sure that you attach the filled out Form(s) / Documents from your computer.

General Information
If your organization is not in the list above, please insert your name in the "Additional Info" below.
Before submitting please make sure sections 1-5 have been completed.
Before submitting please make sure of the following
  • All necessary information has been filled out.
  • All information is correct and error-free
  • Regular request will be processed within 48 business hours.
  • Board members have been inserted and form signed by organization president.
  • .
We have:
  • recorded as your IP Address
  • recorded the time of your submission

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